Renewable Energy

The IEC powered by Future Green provides their members with renewable electric power solutions that have a lower cost and are environmentally responsible. Member districts gain the maximum level of savings possible when we build your on-site renewable energy system.

IEC Powered by Future Green helps you access clean, stable, long-term energy savings:

  • We conduct a bridge-broker analysis for members who want to initiate the move from traditional energy procurement to renewable energy creation.
  • We empower every school district to understand the value of their assets in the realm of renewable energy.
  • We develop on-site renewable energy assets while ensuring the protection of the Illinois ASBO, IASA and IASB.

All at no cost to the district.

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2.  Begin the process.

Begin the proposal process by analyzing your current plan. 

3.  Choose your best option.

Review the IEC recommendation along with your buying options.